Our family’s business tradition was born in Montegranaro in 1909.
Initially business started in agricultural sector, consolidating itself for many years as a leading company in the production of high-tech machinery.
After the world war, together with the strong industrialization of the territory, Paccapelo family had the right intuition to differentiate the sectors of interest with important investments in “footwear world”, so they gave life to the Gruppo Paccapelo (Paccapelo Group). It was born a close synergy between companies operating in related fields, including the construction of high-tech machinery for footwear production, products for footwear manufacturing and the leather division.

Today we are specialized in production and distribution of domestic and imported leathers, refined, unusual leathers for footwears, leather goods and leather clothing. Our group has now reached the third-generation business and it is present in Brazil, Mexico, China and India.

All this is made possible, in addition to the ethical and family values ​​transmitted from father to son, by the daily passion for our work and by the renewed enthusiasm that allows us to face and overcome the challenges of market. It brings us to a constant updating and to continuous company growth.

“Success is not just a question of money, but a series of ingredients that cannot be contained in a wallet.”

“Commit yourselves to everything you do, to the best of your ability… and don’t be impatient because if you worked well the result will come.”



Our rigorous business organization allows us to be very flexible in order management: from small quantities required by craft activities to large numbers of the industries.


The constant search for the best raw materials in market and the experience gained over time allow us to guarantee our customers excellent leathers in terms of durability and sophistication.


Our experience, gained over the years, allows us to offer professional consultancy to advise the client in choosing the most suitable product and with the most performing features to his needing.

Stock service

Thanks to our logistics dept, we ensure deliveries in Italy and beyond for each order, respecting the times and methods agreed with customer.


We have available a wide range of leathers in our showroom, with finishes and colors, always updated according to the latest market trends. Thanks to that, our customers can in fact choose the right product for their needing.


Depending on the customer's needs, we are able to offer customized leathers with fine finishes made by embossing, laser-finishing, lacquering and pearls.


We talk a lot about sustainable development and eco-sustainability with reference to environment that surrounds us and how we can improve from an economic, social and natural point of view.
To make this possible, it is essential that a continuous and effective communication is created between parts: who live in a given territory and the actual resources offered, so it avoids unnecessary waste and harmful side effects.

For future we need to respect new generations, avoiding to disfigure natural heritage and tend towards a gradual alignment of the four fundamental sustainability rules: environmental, economic, social and institutional.

Our commitment to health and the environment:

Safety, health in workplace and respect for the environment in which we live and work are first goals of PACCAPELO DIVISIONE PELLAMI.

We are actively engaged in researching and testing new effective and alternative solutions for less as much as possible environmental impact.
For this reason, we work through an integrated management system which, through the meeting of different sectors’ managers, favors integrated communication of company processes and constitutes a reference for achieving objectives, solving problems and evaluating concrete improvement proposals.

sostenibilita paccapelo



Our panels of eel skins are special and have a soft surface, which increases comfort and reduces the weight of product made with.

Glossy, matt or vintage finishing, more than 20 colors available and customization options with fast delivery (even in small quantities).

Panel dimensions: approx. 150×60 cm

Size: 10 sf (0,90

Thickness 0,3-0,4 mm with the possibility of backing


GLAZED: suitable for man/lady shoe uppers. Main features, in addition to resistance, are a good transparency and brilliance of color, easily re-polishable with the underwire or brush.

SPORT: We would create products with high performance and style. It is resistant to abrasion, tear and torsion. Chrome tanning. Technical leather, soft but firm. Suitable for sports uppers, football shoes, high technology and safety products for use in contact with human skin.

Size: 5-8 sf (0,45-0,80

Thickness: from 0,4 to 1,1 mm


Thanks to its natural softness and lightness, deer leather has always found a vast use in leather clothing, gloves, accessories and shoes. Also available with “Teflon® Leather Protector” version which offers high-level protection against water, oil, dirt and stains. Softness and lightness are inimitable characteristics. Thanks to special technologies we can supply it in very thin thickness and even lighter leathers. On request also a wide range of colors and customizations.

Size: 8-12 sf (0,75-1,10

Thickness: from 0,4 mm to 1,7 mm


ANTIQUE: waxed aniline finish, full and transparent colors, “vintage” effect and waxy feel. Available in classic or soft version for use in footwear, luggage and accessories.

SPORT: for sports shoes that require special technical features such as strength and impermeability

Size: variable from 5 to 12 sf (from 0,45 to 1,10

Thickness: from 1,0 to 2,2 mm

Fashion Leathers

Design environments, a source of creativity and provocation, sobriety and dynamism, but above all, a powerful flexibility capable of instantly adapting to multiple and variable needing of global market, have stimulated the PACCAPELO DIVISIONE PELLAMI to develop new solutions for satisfy most disparate requests of customers.


PACCAPELO DIVISIONE PELLAMI is the only fashion side distributor of “NUO Wood material”.

Wood is one of the most valuable natural products. Every tree and every type of wood has its own individual characteristics and shows the traces of evolution. Carefully hand-selected veneer and excellence in high level wood processing are the basis for an innovative material with incredible softness, a luxury look and an impressive texture. The result is NUO.

The innovation lies in creating a completely new material out of wood that is hugely soft and flexible. NUO is a patented material made from thin sheets of wood which are bonded to a fabric or a different backing using an environmentally friendly adhesive. Micro laser cutting turns selected woods into a unique soft material experience.

Paccapelo Pellami legno 1

NUO is characterized by its claim to sustainability. All the wood that is processed comes from forests that are managed ethically and with respect for the whole ecosystem. FSC® certification guarantees the traceability and origin of the wood. NUO is environmentally friendly, biodegradable and 100% animal free.  NUO reduces the kg CO2 emitted into the atmosphere by about 60% compared to a square meter of leather.


PACCAPELO DIVISIONE PELLAMI offers to his customers a material with multiple uses for fashion, such as uppers, technical jackets, leggings and the most varied products in the clothing and footwear sector, made from PET.This is how stylists and designers are starting to experience their versatility, creating new environmentally friendly and surprising products.

In fact, PET is a very valuable plastic material that can be recycled over and over again. This contributes concretely to the reduction of dangerous greenhouse gases such as CO2 and saves 50% of the energy needed to make new products.

High resistance, crystalline transparency, limited weight and long life are the characteristics that make PET one of the most innovative raw materials for the creation of an indefinite number of objects of our daily life.

Paccapelo Pellami PET


Leather bend is an alive material, it changes and evolves over time, it gains greater value and beauty. It is suitable for many items such as leather goods, clothing, from upholstery to saddlery and is available in every type of finishing: dyed, full-grain or buffed.It can be used for soles, for heel strips, in white color, soft or with customized colors. Its flexibility is given by some of its peculiar characteristics:

Resistance: composition and texture of the leather bend make it very resistant to wear. This characteristic can be different by type of tanning, kind of animal, thickness and any finishing.

Thermo resistant: since ancient times the insulating function of leather between the body and the external environment has been intuited. This natural characteristic, combined with good transpiration guaranteed, still makes it a material up to date.

Low environmental impact: leather bend respects nature and foot health.
It was found that vegetable tanned leather has an impact on the environment close to zero, unlike the so-called “eco-leather” produced with materials that come from oil.


We are sole right proprietors of the German company LEDERETT GmbH, for bonded leather. It’s a material made from fiber waste of leather bends (strictly respecting the environmental legislation and REACH).


Bonded leather is a natural material that over the years has also become a substitute for skin and leather bends. It is suitable for a lot of processes: for counters, for heels, for welting, for soles and insoles, for leather goods.


We are always in contact with the best shoe artisans, our regenerated leather satisfies the most demanding requests.

salpa paccapelo


PACCAPELO DIVISIONE PELLAMI is the sole right proprietors of the Italian company FANTONI Spa. Masonite is a compound of wood fibers characterized by low specific weight and low price.


We are the exclusivist of Fantoni S.p.a. MDF products, our MDF-masonite (medium density fiber-board) is suitable for production of hydrophobic heels.


We provide our customers with MDF of different thickness and for various possibilities of using with different color variations.

Paccapelo Pellami MDF


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